IEEE/RSJ 2008 International Conference   on Intelligent Robots and Systems
IEEE/RSJ 2008 International Conference
on Intelligent RObots and Systems
                   September, 22-26, 2008, Nice, France

Poster Session, September 25

The poster session will be held in Agora2, from 8h40 to 12h

The organization committee will provide a board of 2.50m (height) X 0.95m (width). This allows one to accomodate two A0 (international format) or Quad Demy (US format) posters.

The following posters will be presented during the poster session:

  • 2, Amir Haddadi , Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad, Queen's University, Online Contact Impedance Identification for Robotic Systems
  • 13, Amir Haddadi , Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad, Queen's University, A New Method for Online Parameter Estimation of Hunt-Crossley Environment Dynamic Models
  • 17, Alexander Duschau-Wicke , Thomas Brunsch , Lars Luenenburger , Robert Riener , ETH Zurich, Adaptive Support for Patient-Cooperative Gait Rehabilitation with the Lokomat
  • 18, Yves Stauffer , Yves Allemand , Mohamed Bouri , Jacques Fournier , Reymond Clavel , Patrick Metrailler , Roland BRODARD , Fabienne Reynard , EPFL, Pelvic motion measurement during over ground walking, analysis and implementation on the WalkTrainer reeducation deviceWalkTrainer reeducation device
  • 55, Sylvain Calinon , Aude Billard , EPFL, A Probabilistic Programming by Demonstration Framework Handling Constraints in Joint Space and Task Space
  • 62, Hirofumi Nakajima , Kazuhiro Nakadai , Yuji Hasegawa , Hiroshi Tsujino , Japan, Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd., High performance sound source separation adaptable to environmental changes for robot audition
  • 67, Arturo Gil-Pinto , Philippe Fraisse , Rene Zapata , Central University of Venezuela, Wireless Communication for Secure Positioning in Multi Robot Formations of Non Holonomic Ground Vehicles
  • 73, Naoki Miura , Motoaki Sugiura , Makoto Takahashi , Tomohisa Moridaira , Atsushi Miyamoto , Yoshihiro Kuroki , Ryuta Kawashima , Kochi-University of Technology, An advantage of bipedal humanoid robot on the empathy generation: a neuroimaging study
  • 80, Atsushi Mitani , Hideya Tsuji , Toshiatsu Yoshimura , Shinichi Hirai , Sapporo City University, Feeding of Submillimeter-sized Microparts along an Asymmetric Surface Using Only Horizontal Vibration: Evaluation of Micro-Fabricated Surface Using Femtosecond Laser Process
  • 109, Ohmi Fuchiwaki , Takashi Kawai , Akihiro Oota , DAIGO MISAKI , Hisayuki Aoyama , University of Electro-Communications, Development of a Positioning & Compensation Device for a Versatile Micro Robot
  • 118, Gianluca Antonelli , Filippo Arrichiello , Stefano Chiaverini , University  di Cassino, Flocking for Multi-Robot Systems via the Null-Space-based Behavioral Control
  • 218, Sebastien Wybo , Dzmitry Tsishkou , Christophe Vestri , Frederic Abad , Sylvain Bougnoux , Remy Bendahan , IMRA EUROPE S.A.S., Monocular vision obstacles detection for autonomous navigation
  • 220, Joao Ferreira , Manuel Marques Crisstomo , A. Paulo Coimbra , ISEC, Neuro-Fuzzy Control of a Biped Robot Able to be Subjected to an External Pushing Force in the Sagittal Plane
  • 259, Guoyong Zhao , Qingnian Meng , Etienne Burdet , Dietmar Werner Hutmache , Chee Leong Teo , Singapore, National University of Singapore, Closed-loop Force Control in Automated Microassembly of Tissue Engineering Scaffold
  • 271, Tomoko Yonezawa , Hirotake Yamazoe , Akira Utsumi , Shinji Abe , ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Gaze-communicative Guide System in Daily Life on Stuffed-toy Robot with Interactive Display Board
  • 283, Jian Huang , Minoru Harada , Daisuke Yamada , Masayuki Hara , Tetsuro Yabuta , Yokohama National Universoty, Control of a Finger-arm Robot by Employing the Steepest Ascent Method to Modulate the Fingers Manipulability
  • 320, Nikola Miskovic , Marco Bibuli , Gabriele Bruzzone , Massimo Caccia , Zoran Vukic , University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Heading Control Design Based on Self-Oscillation Identification Method Applied to Charlie USV
  • 329, Jan Steffen , Robert Haschke , Helge Joachim Ritter , University of Bielefeld, Towards Dextrous Manipulation Using Manipulation Manifolds
  • 345, Jann Poppinga , Narunas Vaskevicius , Andreas Birk , Kaustubh Pathak , Jacobs University, Fast Plane Detection and Polygonalization in noisy 3D Range Images
  • 404, Shinichi Yokota , Kenjiro Takemura , Mamoru Suzuki , Kazuya Edamura , Hideo Kumagai , Tsunehiko Imamura , Tokyo Institute of Technology, A Liquid Rate Gyroscope using Electro-conjugate Fluid - Practical Design and Characterization -
  • 427, Masahiro Tomono , Chiba Institute of Technology, 3D Object Modeling and Segmentation Using Edge Points with SIFT Descriptors
  • 535, Geoffrey Biggs , Alexei Makarenko , Alex Brooks , Tobias Kaupp , Michael Moser , New Zealand, The University of Auckland, Gearbox: Truly reusable robot software
  • 571, Kaiyu Shou , Lixin Dong , Bradley J. Nelson , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), NEMS-on-a-Tip: Force Sensors Based on Electromechanical Coupling of Individual Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
  • 587, Francesco Amigoni , Simone Gasparini , Politecnico di Milano, Analysis of Methods for Reducing Line Segments in Maps: Towards a General Approach
  • 606, Michihiro Shimada , Kazunori Yamauchi , Takashi Minato , Hiroshi Ishiguro , Shoji Itakura , Osaka University, Studying the Influence of the Chameleon Effect on Humans using an Android
  • 623, Takeshi Sakaguchi , Kazuhito Yokoi , Kazuyoshi Wada , National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Design of Common Environmental Information for Door Closing Tasks with Various Robots
  • 628, Nicolas Bastin , Alexandre Chau , Alain Delchambre , Pierre Lambert , Universite libre de Bruxelles, Effects of Relative Humidity on Capillary Force and Applicability of these Effects in Micromanipulation
  • 664, Daniele Marzorati , Matteo Matteucci , Davide Migliore , Domenico G. Sorrenti , Politecnico di Milano, On the Use of Inverse Scaling in Monocular SLAM
  • 700, Satoshi Makita , Yusuke Maeda , Yokohama National University, 3D Multifingered Caging: Basic Formulation and Planning
  • 711, A. Sadeqi, H. Moradi, and M. Nili Ahmadabadi, A Human-Inspired Pole Climbing Robot
  • 751, Sahar El-Khoury , Anis Sahbani , Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris6), A Sufficient Condition and a New Quality Criterion for Force-Closure Grasps Synthesis of 3D Objects
  • 752, Shuhei Miyashita , Flurin Casanova , Max Lungarella , Rolf Pfeifer , University of Zurich, Peltier-Based Freeze-Thaw Connector for Waterborne Self-Assembly Systems
  • 781, Thomas Lochmatter , Pierre Roduit , Christopher M. Cianci , Nikolaus Correll , Jacques Jacot , Alcherio Martinoli , EPFL, SwisTrack - A Flexible Open Source Tracking Software for Multi-Agent Systems
  • 808, Jens Kober , Jan Peters , Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Learning Perceptual Coupling for Motor Primitives
  • 826, Jose Pascoal , Lino Marques , Anibal de Almeida , University of Coimbra, Assessment of laser range finders in risky environments
  • 830, Pierre Guyot , Malek Baklouti , Eric Monacelli , Serge Couvet , university of versailles, Force Controlled Upper-Limb Powered Exoskeleton for rehabilitation
  • 845, Ryusuke Fujisawa , Hikaru Imamura , Takashi Hashimoto , Fumitoshi Matsuno , The University of Electro-Communications, Communication Using Pheromone Field for Multiple Robots
  • 872, Alexander Bierbaum , Ilya Gubarev , Rudiger Dillmann , University of Karlsruhe (TH), Robust Shape Recovery for Sparse Contact Location and Normal Data from Haptic Exploration
  • 889, Jorge Lobo , Joao Filipe Ferreira , Jose Augusto Prado , Jorge Dias , University of Coimbra, Robotic Implementation of Biological Bayesian Models for Visuo-inertial Image Stabilization and Gaze Control
  • 911, Annalisa Milella , Donato Di Paola , Grazia Cicirelli , Tiziana D'Orazio , Italian National Research Council (CNR), Using Fuzzy RFID Modelling and Monocular Vision for Mobile Robot Global Localization
  • 915, Laura Barnes , Richard Garcia , MaryAnne Fields , Kimon Valavanis , University of South Florida, A Foundation for UAV-UGV Swarm Coordination
  • 944, David Paul Meger , Ioannis Rekleitis , Gregory Dudek , University of British Columbia, Heuristic Search Planning to Reduce Exploration Uncertainty
  • 950, Amir Haddadi , Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad , Queen's University, Delay-Robust Transparent Bilateral Teleoperation Control Design
  • 1002, Mehran Mehrandezh , Homayoun Najjaran , University of Regina, Dynamic Analysis and Control of a Robotic Pipe Crawler
  • 1005, Mouloud Bouchoucha, Mohamed Tadjine, Abdelhamid Tayebi, Philippe Mullhaupt, Ecole Militaire Polytechnique, Backstepping Based Nonlinear PI for Attitude Stabilisation of a Quadrotor: From Theory to Experiment
  • 1012, Gregory Wile , Kathryn A Daltorio , Eric D. Diller , Luther R. Palmer III , Stanislav N Gorb , Roy Earl Ritzmann , Roger, D. Quinn , Case Western Reserve University, Screenbot: Walking Inverted Using Distributed Inward Gripping
  • 1037, Brian Taylor , Stephen Balakirsky , Elena Messina , Roger, D. Quinn , Case Western Reserve University, Analysis and Benchmarking of a Whegs(TM) Robot in USARSim
  • 1075, Muhammad Mysorewala , Dan Popa , University of Texas at Arlington, Multi-scale Adaptive Sampling with Mobile Robots for Mapping of Forest Fires
  • 1079, Rene V. Mayorga , Tanaporn Chayangkul Na Aduthaya , University of Regina, An Artificial Neural Network Approach for the Obstacle Avoidance of Redundant Robot Manipulators
  • 1127, David Noonan , George Mylonas , Ara Darzi , Guang-Zhong Yang , United Kingdom, Imperial College London, Gaze Contingent Articulated Robot Control for Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • 1154, Joel Hesch , Anastasios Mourikis , Stergios Roumeliotis , University of Minnesota , Determining the Camera to Robot-body Transformation from Planar Mirror Reflections
  • 1192, Blanca Vargas , Eduardo Morales , INAOE, Solving Navigation Tasks with Learned Teleo-Reactive Programs
  • 1214, Alexander Shkolnik , Russ Tedrake , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, High-Dimensional Underactuated Motion Planning via Task Space Control
  • 1229, Yongsoon Yoon , H. Jin Kim , Shankar Sastry , Continental Automotive Systems Corporation, Utilizing parallax information for collision avoidance in dynamic environments
  • 1235, Taichi Tajika , Takahiro Miyashita , Hiroshi Ishiguro , Norihiro Hagita , ATR, Reducing Noise on Tactile Sensors Caused by Robot's Motions Based on Partially Linear Model
  • 1245, Ramin Mafi , Shahin Sirouspour , Brian Moody , Behzad Mahdavikhah , Kaveh G.Elizeh , Adam Kinsman , Nicola Nicolici , Mahyar Fotoohi Ghiam , Madill Dan , McMaster University, Hardware-based Parallel Computing for Real-time Haptic Rendering of Deformable Objects
  • 1267, Rakesh Murthy , Aditya Das , Dan Popa , The University of Texas at Arlington, ARRIpede: A Micro Crawler/Conveyer Robot Constructed via 2D MEMS Assembly
  • 1336, Michael R. James , Dmitri Dolgov , Toyota Technical Center, USA, Local Line Segments as Primitives for Scene Understanding
  • 1337, Raia Hadsell , Ayse Erkan , Pierre sermanet , Marco Scoffier , Urs Muller , Yann LeCun , New York University, Deep Belief Net Learning in a Long-Range Vision System for Autonomous Off-Road Driving
  • 1374, Hyoseok Hwang , In So Kweon , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Efficient Color Feature Extraction and Matching for Motion Estimation and Mapping